Happy New Year!

It’s been three whole weeks since we said farewell to each other at our Christmas party! There was singing, dancing and, of course, our traditional wrapping competition. The 5ths came away with the victory but rumour has it the 3rds are already preparing for their revenge next year…A big thanks to social secretary Queen Dolly for putting on a brilliant night! (See raffle winners below)

With the Christmas break coming to an end, Muckross Magicians are headed back to school, college and work but it’s not all bad news……..because hockey is back next week!

For those of you whose brains are still half turkey, a recap on Senior training times:

Mondays: 7pm – 9pm / 1sts & 2nds
7pm – 8:30pm / 3rds, 4ths & 5ths

Wednesdays: 7pm – 9pm / 2nds
7pm – 8:30pm / 3rds
8pm – 9:30pm / 4ths

Thursdays: 7pm – 9pm / 1sts
7pm – 8:30pm / 5ths

Christmas Raffle Winners!
1. Laura Callanan
2. Mary McEnroe
3. Una Murray
4. Kate Feely
5. Judy Cohen
6. Dorothea Graby
7. Iris Condron

CRY Office Opening

Cliodhne Hamilton, Lucia Ebbs & Deirdre Mathews at the official opening on the new CRY offices

President Cliodhne Hamilton & Vice-President Deirdre Mathews joined the CEO of CRY, Lucia Ebbs, at the official opening of their offices last week!

We are delighted to continue their support of this great charity & it was great to see a photo of some happy Muckross faces adorning the window of their offices!

CRY have three main objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of the condition known as Sudden Cardiac Death or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
  2. To provide free counselling service and support for families and friends affected by sudden death or cardiac conditions
  3. Continue fundraising and support for the CRYP Centre, which provides free heart screening for families and individuals

Irish Indoor Squad Selection

Muckross Indoor Hockey Team

Sophie Barnwell (front, centre)

We are very excited to congratulate our 1XI player, Sophie Barnwell, on her selection to the Irish Indoor Squad who are heading to South Africa for a series of test matches. Sophie joins 13 other players on the team who will play six test matches in Durban and Cape Town at the start of December. Their schedule is as follows:

  • Wed 4th Dec: Test Match 1, Durban
  • Thurs 5th Dec: Test Match 2, Durban
  • Sun 8th Dec: Test Match 3, Cape Town
  • Mon 9th Dec: Test Match 4, Cape Town
  • Tues 10th Dec: Test Matches 5&6, Cape Town

Aside from playing on our 1XI team, Sophie was a key part of Muckross’ indoor team last season and a coach to our Junior section. We’re delighted to see all her hard work pay off and, from all at Muckross, we wish Sophie the very best of luck! 💚


Christmas Party: Dec 14th!

It’s that time of year again, for one of the biggest social events of the club calendar! This year the Muckross elves have planned an EPIC Christmas shindig in our new home-from-home, Old Belvedere Rugby Club.

With league matches finishing up for the year that afternoon, there’s no better way to see off the first half of the season. It’s also a good chance to discuss how we’re all topping our respective leagues etc (we might need a few Christmas miracles to help with that one…)

We’re inviting all members of the Muckross community, past and present – the more the merrier!



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