The thriving Junior section of Muckross Hockey Club was founded in the early 1990s, and continues to grow at a rapid rate. MHC Junior Club introduces young girls to the sport of hockey in an environment built on the key foundations of fun and friendship! MHC Juniors come from a variety of different schools – membership is open to all girls from first class in primary school to sixth year in secondary school. Many MHC Juniors transition from our Sunday sessions to playing Leinster League hockey with the MHC Senior Club, and subsequently become key members of the senior squads throughout their college years and beyond.

For any queries you may have, please email

Applications for new Junior Club membership for next season can be made from January 5th 2020.

All applications will be accepted via the ONLINE FORM which will be live from that date.

Applicants may be offered a place at any point from April to September, depending on the number of available spaces in each training group. The biggest intake of new players will be from players entering 1st Class in primary school in September.

Existing members will be asked to renew in April for the following season. When that process is complete, we will be able determine availability for the new season across all age groups.

Membership preference may be given in the following circumstances:

  • Applications from sisters, daughters and granddaughters of current members of Muckross Hockey Club
  • Applications from players in first year to fourth year who wish to commit to training and playing as a goalkeeper for a league team
  • Applications from players whose parents are capable and willing to commit to volunteering as coaches or team managers on a weekly basis

We do NOT select or offer membership based on ability at primary school level.

Selection based on ability may be required for players seeking places from second year to fourth years.

Please address any queries to the Junior Club email address: or

All members of Muckross Hockey Club pay their fees via the Easy Payments Plus system – either up front in full, or in instalments. The fee for an individual schoolgirl to join MHC Juniors is €210 – however, there are discounts applicable to multiple family members.

A full breakdown of membership costs in this instance is available on the Easy Payments Plus website. Click here!

FUN 4s First Class / Second Class TBC
  Third Class TBC
SUPER 6s Fourth Class TBC
  Fifth Class TBC
EXTREME 8s Sixth Class / First Year TBC
MINORS Second Year TBC
  Fourth Year* TBC
SENIORS Fifth Year training times will be confirmed shortly – it is expected to be mid-week with the ladies, however girls may also train with the fourth years if they prefer. All fifth year matches will be on Sundays. TBC

* Third Year and Fourth Year training times may change depending on the team selections

Muckross Hockey Club has a large number of coaches and age group managers dedicated to the Junior players. We are ALWAYS on the lookout for more volunteers – so, if you want to get involved, please get in touch via

Previous experience is NOT required to take part in an Introduction to Coaching Hockey Course – we have found in the past that some of our best coaches have had no prior experience of hockey! Typically, they have brought a wealth of experience from other sports which has transferred naturally – and of course personality and organisational skills are also of enormous benefit.

Our coaches are strongly encouraged to keep up to date with their professional development by attending stepping stones courses. In addition, we also invite guest coaches to run coach-the-coach sessions throughout the season.

Club spirit permeates all levels of Muckross HC, and we continually strive to develop our members – to this end, our younger players can often be seen helping with coaching and umpiring duties.

Phase 1 / Phase 2:

Coaches working with the Fun 4s and the Super 6s are expected to have completed an IHA Introduction to Coaching Hockey course, and be working towards an IHA Level 1 coaching qualification. The Head Coaches for each group have, at minimum, an IHA Level 1 qualification.

Phase 3 / Junior League Teams:

Coaches working with the Extreme 8s and Junior League squads all have an IHA Level 1 qualification, current playing experience, and are working towards an IHA Level 2 Coaching Course.

PHASE 1: Non-league for Players up to Sixth Class

There are no competitive leagues for players up to sixth class. Instead, clubs compete in festivals and inter-club blitz events where each team will play several games but no scores are kept, and no prizes are awarded. Teams taking part in a festival or blitz event are typically mixed ability.

FUN 4s: Girls in first to third class play 4 V 4 games in small spaces with four goals, with each team defending two goals and attacking two goals.

SUPER 6s: Girls in fourth and fifth class play 6 V 6 games on a quarter-size pitch.  Ideally each team has one goalkeeper – rotated between the team after each game – and five outfield players.

EXTREME 8s: Girls in sixth class play 8-a-side games on a half-size pitch.  Each team should have a goal-keeper and seven outfield players.

Towards the end of each season some more competitive games may be organised for the girls in sixth class. MHC organises a tournament each year and invites teams from Leinster to take part. As tournament hosts, we enter two teams – and these are selected based on ability.

PHASE 2 & 3: Leagues for Players up to Sixth Year

League teams are selected based on both ability and positions. We endeavour to ensure that each member has a team to play on – and as a result the club enters between 10 and 12 league teams each year.

Players from first to sixth year take part in leagues organised by the Leinster Hockey Association Junior Girls Club Development Committee. There are four leagues, and each league typically has an A, B, C and D division which is further sub-divided into different sections. Following an initial ’round robin’ phase, these leagues then divide into three levels – League, Shield and Plate. Crossover matches take place between sections leading to the semi-finals and finals. Fixtures are arranged at the start of each season – and outline fixtures should be available by the end of September.

Players are selected for league teams based on ability at the start of each season. The age group coaches are fully involved in the selection process, and each player is monitored throughout the season with a view to movement  between teams as required. Teams are registered, and need to be re-registered if changes are required.

EXTREME 8s: Players up to and including First Year

This league is for 8-a-side teams, and is played on a half-pitch. Some girls from sixth class may be invited to play on the first year league teams – this is space dependent, for example the priority is to place ALL first years on teams – however players may be selected onto any of the league teams depending on their ability.

MINORS: Players up to and including Second Year

JUNIORS: Players from Third Year and Fourth Year

This category is different to that of the same title in schools leagues, which are age related.  In club hockey girls can be in third or fourth year in school. Players going into third year should be aware that they may be competing for places on teams with girls who are older than them, and who already playing senior hockey in their school and/or within Muckross Hockey Club.

There is currently one cup competition for junior girls clubs in Leinster – the Junior Jacqui Potter Cup. Players up to inclusive of sixth year in school are eligible for selection on the MHC Juniors cup squad – including those players aged 15+ who may already be playing senior ladies hockey within Muckross Hockey Club.

SENIORS: Players up to Sixth Year

The MHC Juniors senior teams are made up of players who are predominantly in fifth and sixth year in school – quite a few will already be playing on different ladies teams in the Senior club, but this is an opportunity for them to come together for their own league games.  The league is expected to be played out before Christmas with friendly matches, blitzes and cup games arranged throughout spring.

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