​Muckross Hockey Club’s senior section caters for players at every level, with the highest standard of coaching and training facilities. For the 2018/2019 season, we are fielding five squads across EY Hockey League I and Leinster League Divisions 2, 5, 7, and 11.

All senior members train on Mondays with a targeted focus on both fitness and technical skills. An additional training session takes place on either Wednesday or Thursday evenings, depending on your squad group. Bespoke goalkeeper training sessions run throughout the season. Matches are predominantly played on Saturdays, with occasional Sunday and midweek evening fixtures as the season may dictate. You’ll also need to factor in plenty of time for fun – the club’s social calendar can be at times as demanding as the hockey one!

Everything we do is as a club, and not as individual teams – from training, to volunteering, to umpiring, to fundraising, to socialising – we’re all in it together. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the 1sts or the 5ths – if there’s a big game of high-stakes hockey, the club will be out in force on the sideline to support you!

We welcome players of all ages and experience – so whether you’re a seasoned athlete seeking top-flight action, a player on the move to Dublin in search of a new club, a beginner who’s keen to take up a new team sport, or someone who just loves playing hockey in a friendly and inclusive club and having great craic whilst doing so – we want to hear from YOU. Simply email secretary@muckrosshc.com to introduce yourself and arrange to come along to join us for a training session!

COACH: Sarah Scott

MANAGER: Freda Canavan


LEAGUE: EY Hockey League

CUP COMPETITIONS: Irish Senior Cup & Jacqui Potter Cup

COACH: Gary Ruddock


MANAGER: Moya Ryan


LEAGUE: Leinster Division Two

CUP COMPETITIONS: Irish Junior Cup & Jacqui Potter Cup

COACH: Sorcha Cunningham


MANAGER: Ali Coyne


LEAGUE: Leinster Division Five

CUP COMPETITION: Leinster Division 5/6 Cup

COACH: Ali Robinson

MANAGER: Maria McInern


LEAGUE: Leinster Division Seven

CUP COMPETITION: Leinster Division 7/8 Cup

COACH: Lauren Murray


LEAGUE: Leinster Division Eleven

CUP COMPETITION: Leinster Division 11/12 Cup

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Subs for 2018/2019 are now DUE. Please read the following carefully…

We are once again using the Easy Payments Plus online system for managing the process – either pay up front in full, or opt to split the cost into monthly installments – whatever suits YOU. Click the logo to access our registration page…




Subs remain at the rates set back in 2015, and based on feedback received, we now have more payment plans available –  full details and deadlines are as follows. Please note that all installment-based payments must be completed by February 28th 2019…

€350 – to be paid in full, OR to be paid in three monthly installments
€360 – to be paid in four monthly installments
€370 – to be paid in six monthly installments

€350 – to be paid in full, OR to be paid in three monthly installments
€360 – to be paid in four monthly installments
€370 – to be paid in five monthly installments

€250 – to be paid in full, OR to be paid in three monthly installments
€260 – to be paid in full, OR to be paid in three monthly installments


Anyone who has NOT registered to pay their subs for the season by WEDNESDAY 31ST OCTOBER will be subject to an additional €50 PENALTY FEE. You do not have to pay the full amount by this deadline – you just have to have signed up and paid the first of your installments.

Why the deadlines? Well, subs go towards our pitch rental, coaching, equipment, and insurance costs – so we quite simply need that money incoming from the start of the season to function as a club.

Should you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Club Captain Rebecca Lacy via clubcaptain@muckrosshc.com

If you’re playing or umpiring hockey, it’s very helpful to know the rules!

As the governing body for hockey, the International Hockey Federation are responsible for the rules and regulations of our beloved sport – and they revise and update the official rulebook every two years.

Our MHC Coaches will always ensure to communicate and explain any relevant rule changes that apply at club level.

The latest edition of the FIH rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2015, is available to download by clicking on the image to the left.